Imagine a leisurely hike through a lush, verdant canyon of willows and free flowing water. Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is truly an oasis in this transition zone between the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. The lush vegetation stands in sharp contrast to the surrounding desert slopes. More than 240 species of birds have been observed in the Preserve, including several rare or unusual species, such as the Least Bell's Vireo and the Vermilion Flycatcher, which have been known to nest here. Many other species are numerous during the spring and fall migration seasons.

Featured below is an online guided tour of the six distinctive trails through the core of Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. Click on any trail listed below the Trail System map to take a virtual tour of the trail! You can also click on the the trails and many of the features on the map to see a photo of that area.

Hikes led by docents are available seasonally - click HERE to see the schedule and details for guided hikes.

Marsh Trail
Desert Willow Trail
Yucca Ridge Trail
Mesquite Trail
West Canyon Trail
Canyon Trail

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